Women Investors

Our firm specializes in helping women and their families with their finances. Our goal is to form a confidential relationship with you – one that is bound by trust and an obligation to act in your best interest all the time.

We specialize in helping women because they have unique financial needs that many financial advisors may not understand.

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Women Have Distinct Needs

A primary concern of women is that they will be poor in their golden years. The simple truth is that women do have unique financial planning needs. Look at these facts:

  • “Women earned an average of $0.78 to every $1 earned by men in 2013 (78%) for annual earnings.”

    Carmen DeNavas – Walt and Bernadette D. Proctor, “Income and poverty in the United States: 2013” (US Census Bureau: September 2014) p. 40

  • “Younger women (89.8% of 20-24 year olds) are closer to pay equity than older women (73.7% of women 65+) for full time wage and salary workers.”

    Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Table 1: Median Usual Weekly Earnings of Full-Time Wage and Salary Workers, by Selected Characteristics, 2013 Annual Averages,” Highlights of Women’s Earnings in 2013 (December 2014).

  • “Close to half of all women were sole or primary breadwinners, earning at least half of the family income in 2012.”

    Sara Jane Glynn, “Breadwinning Mothers, Then and Now,” Center for American Progress (2014), p.7

  • “For 3 in 10 female beneficiaries 65 and older (30%), Social Security is virtually the only source of income (90%).”

    “Women rely even more on income from Social Security than men do,” National Women’s Law Center, Web. 23 Feb. 2015

  • “The average Social Security benefit for women 65 and older is about $13,500 per year, compared to about $17,600 for men 65 and older.”

    U.S. Social Security Administration, Income of the Population 55 or Older, 2012 (March 2014), http://www.ssa.gove/policy/docs/statcomps/income_pop55/ at Table 9.B1. Percentage distribution of persons in beneficiary families, sex and age, 2012.

These reasons and more is why it is so vital that women plan, save, and invest for financial security. At Kline’s Investment Services we work with women because we understand that women have distinctive financial needs. We fully understand it is not money that makes people financially successful, it is time.