The NextPhase Plan helps meet your needs during retirement using pools of assets working for you over time.


Imagine your life without limits

We understand the anxiety you may have about the fear of the unknown. Our goal is to take the uncertainty out of the retirement process and guide you through the complex and ever changing world of retirement programs. At Kline’s investment Services, we help you plan for your longest vacation ever; your retirement.

Income for Life

If you’re nearing, at, or even in retirement, it’s time to change the way you measure success in your portfolio and individual investments. Your need to preserve what you have accumulated will now typically outweigh your need to grow your money, although you still need enough growth to ensure inflation doesn’t reduce your purchasing power during retirement.

You can no longer count on a withdrawal rate, of 4% to 6% of accumulated assets to provide a reliable income stream. This causes the entire plan to be contingent on market returns, something which has been quite volatile in recent years.

During your earning years, you’ve focused on accumulation and growth of your money. You earned money from your job or business to pay for your current living expenses and you set some aside for future needs like college and retirement. When working your goal has been to accumulate as much money as possible. You could also take greater risks with your money, because you had time to earn more to cover losses.

After retirement, you typically no longer have money earned from your job or business to pay for your living expenses. You need safety and liquidity to ensure available funds for day-to-day costs of living, along with growth to help ensure your funds last your lifetime. Your pure growth-oriented investment structure may no longer apply and you may have to change your investment objectives.

A retirement distribution plan focuses less on accumulating wealth and more on making it last through retirement, taking into consideration inflation risk, investment risk, tax exposure and other income (i.e., Social Security, wages, pensions). Generally, a retirement distribution model will allocate a larger portion of assets to investments that generate income, followed by investments that generate growth of principle. Numerous variables can come into play, so each investment must be evaluated based on an individual’s financial situation.

Creating a retirement distribution plan can be complex and requires a thorough understanding of strategies, investments and their associated risks. We can help you determine what is best to meet your needs. Call our office at (330) 673-2988 or hit the contact us link below. At Kline’s Investment Services there is no fee whatsoever to meet to discuss your retirement.

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