Teachers and School Administrators

I know firsthand that a teaching profession is underpaid, under-appreciated and stressful.
I also know that teachers have some interesting financial differences compared to other careers. As more school budgets are cut, salary increases are lowered and teachers being asked to pay for more school supplies, it’s no wonder teachers are feeling financially squeezed. Let’s face it, teaching is stressful enough. I call it “Living the Teacher Life”.

Kline’s Investment Services is an Independent Financial Services Firm that specializes in meeting the financial needs of the teaching profession. We have helped many teachers plan a secure financial future for themselves and their families.

With an open and honest approach, we believe that financial advice need not be overly complicated. Our aim is to provide you with quality advice and we are confident that the attention we give to you, adds value and peace of mind.

Areas of Expertise

We are fully conversant with the “State Teachers’ Retirement Program” and the “Public Employees Services’ Retirement Program”. Because we know these programs well, we can provide advice to help you make the most of your pension.

How we can help:

  • Striving to ensure you have sufficient income in retirement.
  • Ensuring your family would not suffer financial hardship in the event of your death or long term illness.
  • Professional advice involving your pension’s Lump Sum and income options.
  • Inheritance tax planning.
  • Health Insurance retirement options.
  • Save money on taxes you’re currently paying.
  • Provide advice on your individual school district’s retirement programs.

Give us a call at 330-673-2988 to speak to a dedicated teacher’s adviser.