Do You Need A Second Opinion?

2nd opinion

For A Healthy Retirement

Whenever an important decision needs to be made, you often seek out the advice of another person. Your financial health in retirement is extremely important, so getting a second opinion to assure you are on the right track may be a wise decision.

If any of the following statements makes you feel uneasy, a second opinion is needed.

  • Have you managed your own investments but not sure you are doing as well as you should? In turbulent economic times have your investments substantially declined?
  • Do you know if your investments are aggressive or have a lower risk profile?
  • Has your present advisor properly educated you and instilled a sense of confidence in dealing with pre and post retirement issues?
  • Do you have a distinct plan that clearly defines how to take income from your investments when necessary?
  • Do you question the lack of planning or direction by your present advisor?
  • Is your investments positioned correctly and has it been communicated to you properly.
  • Is your advisor an independent representative without requirements as to which investments to offer?
  • Does your advisor stay in touch and keep you updated on your investments?
  • When was the last time you had a face to face meeting with your advisor, 6 months, a year or longer?
  • Does your advisor focus on Income Distribution in retirement?
  • During difficult economic times has your advisor stayed in touch and been proactive?
  • Does your financial advisor give you advice about your work retirement plans?
  • Is your financial advisor an insurance agent or bank agent and only really offers you investments in annuities or life insurance?

At Kline’s Investment Services we firmly believe that it is our responsibility to help educate our clients about all aspects of their investments. We are independent financial advisors, without limitations or requirements as to which investments to offer our clients. This allows us the ability to create customized financial plans that help provide income and security for our clients. If any question above made you feel uneasy, our Free Second Opinion Review may help.

We know that communication with our clients is extremely important and we work hard to help them crystallize their needs and goals. Call today for our Free Second Opinion Review. Call (330) 673-2988 or click here.