Kline’s Investments helps our clients plan for their longest vacation ever – their retirement.

Plan To Make The Next Phase Of Your Life The Best

NextPhase: An Income Investment Strategy.

From working for a living to your retirement years, we help you transition by creating a livable lifetime income. We recognized that there are three (3) broad phases of retirement which a client undergoes. Armed with this knowledge and experience, we have developed a distinct portfolio model and strategy for Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III of your retirement.

Phase I: Flexibility – I’ve just retired, now what do I do?

Everyone goes through this emotional time where your day to day activities aren’t determined by a work schedule. You may plan on doing a lot of traveling, fixing up the house, volunteering at charities, or just resting in the back yard with a cool glass of lemonade.
Financially you need Flexibility. Not only do you need a consistent monthly income stream to live on, you also need additional income so you can fully enjoy retirement. Retirement doesn’t mean you have to penny pinch.

Phase II: Unexpected Life Changes – I’m emotionally overwhelmed

Change is part of life, and as you grow older unexpected challenges can be devastating. Long term illness, loss of a loved one, or having to take care of elderly parents is unfortunately common in retirement.

If any of this happens to you, your needs for sound advice is paramount. The advice you’ll need won’t just be for financial matters. You will also need advice on health options and estate considerations. Fortunately since we specialize in retirement, we are very familiar with helping our clients in these situations.

Our firm likes to address these potential problems early in retirement. In that way we help you plan for the worst. Then you’re able to enjoy your life knowing your well prepared.

Phase III: Don’t run out of money – Do I have enough, will I outlive my money.

This is the number one worry for retirees. The mythical question of do I have enough and can I still leave significant assets to my heirs.

At Kline’s Investment Services we can help you answer these questions. We’ve developed income and estate strategies that address a retiree’s financial needs to help answer those questions. Click here to view a brochure on Next Phase. Please call us at (330) 673-2988 to discuss our free consultations.