Kline’s Investment Services’ Approach

Plan to simplify your life

Simplicity – that’s what you want. With the help of Kline’s Investment Services, you may enjoy more confidence and control over your life and your money. We follow a systematic process to help you solve your most pressing financial challenges. This may take some time, but we are resourceful and committed to finding the right solution for you.

1DiscoverWe have a free Personal Planning Session with you to understand your values and lifetime goals. It also gives us a chance to get to know each other and for you to determine if our firm is a good match.
In this meeting, we pose thought provoking questions that you may have never thought to ask before. Then we help you gather the necessary documents and create a plan which is based on your needs and dreams.

2PlanWith a complete understanding of your interests and long-term goals, we assess your current situation and prepare a customized Investment Plan. We then meet again to present the plan and discuss the specific recommended strategies to help you pursue your goals.
Every one of our plans are customized to match your risk tolerance with your present and future needs for income. Our investment selections are mostly conservative and designed to achieve higher yielding returns with lower risk.

3ImplementWhile you may be tempted to immediately implement your customized Investment Plan, we prefer to wait until you have had time to thoroughly review it. Our goal is to acquire a lifelong relationship, so we want to make sure that you are completely comfortable with every step of the process.
At our next meeting we will formalize your decision to work with us. We’ll guide you through our recommendations and execute the documents needed to put your personal plan in motion.

4MonitorAfter 45 days, you will have received your first statements and have firsthand experience of our service. We will set an appointment with you to make sure that your plan is meeting your expectations.
After that we will continue to stay in touch by phone and personal meetings. As we actively manage your investments there will be times where we need to make a few adjustments. We then have a personal meeting with you to discuss why these changes are needed and to get your approval.
By creating, implementing and periodically updating your Financial Plan, we can offer you a higher probability of meeting your most important financial goals.