Investment Philosophy

A Christian Approach to Investing

We help investors implement strategies designed to achieve higher returns with lower investment risk.

Our practice at Kline’s Investment Services is based on Christian principles. With that perspective, we specialize in providing financial services to Retirees and those retiring within the next 12 years.

Our plans are based on the client’s goals and lifestyle. Some strategies we use allow individuals to draw monthly income from their investments. This income can be used to pay off debt, go on vacations or just to enjoy a fuller life.

Our objective is to design a client’s portfolio so that it will yield the return they seek with the lowest possible risk. The way we seek to achieve this is through diversification (the allocation of funds among different asset classes). Simply stated, we design portfolios that are invested in a variety of stocks, bonds, natural resources, precious metals and cash. Then we monitor each portfolio and rebalance the investments for protection or to take advantage of market conditions. By holding an actively managed diversified portfolio, we attempt to limit the risk of losing money.

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Disclosure: Diversification seeks to reduce the volatility of a portfolio by investing in a variety of asset classes. Neither asset allocation nor diversification guarantee against market loss of greater or more consistent returns.